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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Software

Vaival Solutions ERP systems are a dynamic solution for companies’ complex procedures regarding Accounts, Finance, Sales, Purchase, Payroll, budgeting, etc. It assists you in managing your business in a more informed and transparent fashion. Our system is designed in a manner that a non-accounting professional can get a hang of. This gives businesses a good wide range for resource planning and there is no need for hiring and firing, the existing staff can be trained in a shorter period due to easy setup and simple operating procedures.

Retail Management System (RMS) Software

VAIVAL Solutions Restaurant Management System is a comprehensive ERP solution meticulously designed to streamline and enhance the intricate operations of restaurants. This sophisticated system empowers restaurant owners and managers by providing a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates various facets of their business. With the ability to punch orders directly into the Vaival Point of Sale (POS) system, whether from mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers, it offers an unprecedented level of convenience and efficiency in restaurant management.

At its core, this mobile application serves as an indispensable tool for executives, offering them a real-time window into the financial and non-financial aspects of their restaurant operations. Gone are the days of cumbersome manual record-keeping; instead, the Vaival Solutions Restaurant Management System equips higher management and owners with instant access to a treasure trove of valuable insights.

Retail Point-of-sale (POS) Software

The Retail POS (Point of Sale) by VAIVAL Solutions is a groundbreaking tool for retailers, offering streamlined operations and improved customer experiences. This user-friendly software simplifies sales, inventory, and customer data management for retailers of all sizes.

The VAIVAL Solutions Retail POS enables real-time transaction processing, ensuring efficient sales and accurate inventory updates. It helps maintain optimal stock levels while providing insights into sales trends and product performance.

Customer engagement is a key focus, allowing retailers to collect and analyze customer data for personalized marketing and loyalty programs. The system prioritizes data security through robust encryption and secure payment processing.

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